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Thank you for your interest in posting to the blog.  We are excited to bring new people on to the team, and look forward to your contribution.  Please read the following before submitting anything for our review.

Our Mission

Helping missional organizations, church leaders, and missionaries to use web, social media, photography, film, and other cutting edge technologies more effectively to communicate with a technology infatuated society.

Type of Posts focuses on training individuals on how to use technology more efficiently.  So posts should be tutorial in nature, and address individuals with a broad range of understanding in regards to technology.  Posts should focus on a single specific topic in one of these categories: web, social media, photography, film, or any other cutting edge technology.  It should also include a brief application on how missional organizations, church leaders, and missionaries can use the tool in their day to day operations.

How to Submit

To submit your article,  please email the following to submission [at]  You may also want to set up a gravatar at for the email that you associate with the article.

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    1. If your posting a video, please submit 150-200 words describing the video, and its application to our audience
    2. If your just submitting an article,  it should be around 450-550 words
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Upcoming Topics

If you are interested in seeing what posts are coming up,  please visit our public calendar at  Any titles that are preceeded with a asterisks *, has already been written.  All others are available to anyone who feels comfortable talking about it.