Twitter 101: Fresh Coat of Paint


After some spring cleaning, and a fresh coat of paint,  Twitter has introduced a new design.  The design has tremendously simplified the user interface by consolidating many of the features into sections titled “@ Connect” and “# Discover”.  They also added modal boxes, to give users the ability to quickly browse other tweeter’s timelines without leaving their own timeline.  Continuing our Twitter 101 series,  we would like to introduce you to several of the new changes.  Hopefully this will help as you use Twitter in your day-to-day life.  Let us begin with Twitter’s video introduction to the new site:


So here is a snapshot of @MIssioDigio’s new Home timeline:


Snapshot of the Home Timeline



The first thing you will notice is that the timeline has been moved to the right.  You have two options for composing a new tweet.  The first is by clicking the input field in top box of the left column.


Compose a Tweet Box


The second option is by clicking on the compose icon.


Compose Tweet Button


You will also notice that each tweet now has an “Expand” link.  By clicking this link,  you will get further information about the tweet,  including who retweeted it, who added it to their favorites,  and the date and time it was tweeted.  You will also notice that when you click on a tweeter’s name,  it triggers a modal box with that tweeter’s timeline in it.  Here is an example of the modal box:


A Tweeter's Timeline


You can still interact with the tweeter by clicking on the following icon:


Tweeter's Timeline Options



Using this drop down,  you can write a tweet mentioning the tweeter,  block the tweeter,  report the tweeter as spam,  add or remove the tweeter from lists, and set notifications regarding the tweeter.  Here is a snapshot of the drop down options.


Tweeter's Timeline Options


Since they put the timeline in a modal box,  you can simply close the box and continue looking at your timeline.

The Navigation

The navigation has been reduced to three primary links: “Home”, “@ Connect”, and “# Discover”. The “Home” link will take you directly to your home timeline which displays your current tweets,  and the tweets of those who you follow.

The Navigation: @ Connect


Connect Section


The “@ Connect” link will direct you to a page called Interactions.  This page provides a simple way to see what is happening on Twitter in relation to you.  You can view a list of your current followers,  tweets that mention you,  your tweets that have been added to another tweeter’s favorites, and any of your tweets that have been retweeted.  If you click the “Mentions” tab in the top box of the left column,  you can filter down to just tweets that mention you.  Here is an example highlighting the tab area:


Tabs Highlighted


We will be referring to links in this area as tabs for the rest of the article.

The Navigation: # Discover


Discover Section


The “# Discover” link directs you to a page titled Stories.  This is a great place to discover new sources of information you can follow.  Here is a breakdown of the various tabs on this page:

  • The “Stories” tab lists trending stories that are most important to the people you follow and those they follow.
  • The “Activity” tab,  shows the latest favorites, retweets, and follows made by people you follow.
  • The “Who to Follow” tab,  is a place to discover new people to follow based on Twitter’s recommendations.
  • The “Find Friends” tab helps you locate your friends in the Twittersphere.
  • The “Browse Categories” tab groups engaging and well-liked tweeters by their common interests.  So you can find tweeters that are focused on sports, music, or any of your other favorite topics.

 Secondary Drop Down Navigation

You will also find many options under a secondary navigation drop down.  You can view the drop down by clicking on this icon:


Secondary Drop Down Nav Icon


This secondary navigation lets you manage your account.  Lets look briefly at various options you have available to you in this drop down.


Secondary Drop Down Navigation Options

Secondary Drop Down Navigation:  Profile Page


Tweeter's Profile Page


If you click on the “View my profile page” link,  you will see a timeline of all your tweets, retweets, and favorite tweets.  You also have tabs to view the people you follow,  people who follow you,  your favorite tweets, your lists, and your most recent images.

 Secondary Drop Down Navigation:  Direct Messages


Direct Messages Modal


When you select the “Direct Messages” link in the drop down,  a modal box will appear with a list of your Direct Messages. This modal box gives you the ability to compose a new Direct Message, or view your current Direct Messages with other tweeters.  They even designed it similar to a text messaging app on a smart phone.  This helps convey the idea that a Direct Message is just a conversation between you and other tweeters, even though it is still technically a tweet.


A Direct Message Conversation

Secondary Drop Down Navigation:  Lists


The Lists Page


When you select the “Lists” link in the drop down,  you will  be directed to your lists page.  This is where you can set up new lists, or view your current lists of tweets.

 Secondary Drop Down Navigation:  Help & Keyboard Shortcuts

When you select the “Help” link in the drop down,  you will be directed to Twitter’s help documentation.  Twitter has added extensive documentation to help you understand how to use Twitter. If you ever have problems doing anything on Twitter,  you might find the answer in this section.  The “Keyboard Shortcut” link displays quick keys you can use on the Twitter website.  Here is a snapshot of the shortcuts:


Keyboard Shortcuts

Secondary Drop Down Navigation:  Settings


Settings Page


When you select the “Settings” link in the drop down,  you will be directed to your settings page.  In this area,  you can change your password,  tweak your timeline design,  change the email notification setup, and much more.

Final Thoughts

So what do you think about the new design?  Is it easy to work with?  Do you think it has been simplified?  Let me know in the comments area below.

Welcome to Missio Digio's Twitter 101 series. This is our first series of posts developed by Missio Digio. This series is designed to help you discover new ways to use Social Media in your day to day operations, and strengthen your communication with your congregants and/or supporter base. If you have any questions, please submit them under "Got a question?" or, just add a comment below.

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