Twitter 101: Organizing with Lists


List – Curated groups of other tweeters. Used to tie specific individuals into a group on your Twitter account.

As you begin following tweeters on Twitter, there may come a time when you will feel overwhelmed with the sheer number of tweets you handle in a day. You may also find yourself wanting to get a little more organized. Twitter provides a tool that will help you organize your tweets into lists that better describe the type of tweets you receive. So if you are keeping up with the latest technology firms, maybe you can move the tweeters into a list titled “Cutting Edge Tech”. One of the great benefits of a list, is that you do not have to follow the tweeters in your list. So you can move some of the tweeters that you currently follow into a list, and stop following them. If you do this, then you can view the tweets from these tweeters in the list, but your home timeline will not display their tweets. This can substantially slim down your home timeline, and make it more manageable. So today, I will walk you through the process of creating lists, and adding tweeters to that list. Let us begin!

Making the List

To begin, log into Twitter, and visit your home timeline. Underneath the “What’s Happening?” box, you will see a link titled “Lists”. Click on the link, and you will see a drop down appear similar to this:


Example of the List Drop Down


As you can see in the image above, I do not have any lists yet. So click on the “Create a list” link to create your first list. A pop up dialog will appear similar to the following screenshot.


Example Create a List Dialog


Fill in a title and description for your new list. My list is going to be titled “Missions”, and it will be a list of missions focused tweeters who I follow. You also have a choice to make a list private or public. If a list is public, then other tweeters can follow your list as well. We will discuss this in a few minutes, but for now I will set my list to private. Click the “Save List” button, and you will be brought to the list page for the new list.


Missions List Page with No Tweets


This list page will eventually show a timeline with all the tweets from tweeters that you add to it. For now, you do not have anyone on the list. The list page also gives you controls to edit, or delete the list. Once you add tweeters to the list, you can view them by clicking the “Following” link. If your list is public, then when you click on “Followers”, you will see a list of tweeters following your list.

If you return to your home timeline, you can see that the new list has been created. Just click on the “Lists” link, and your drop down should now contain the new list. You might need to refresh the page, before it shows up in the drop down. Here is a snapshot of my drop down.


Example of List Drop Down with New List


You will noticed the list is titled “@MissioDigio/Missions”. This is a helpful title since it tells you who created the list, and the title for the list. This becomes very helpful as you begin to follow other tweeters lists. Now that we have our list,  we need to add some tweeters to the list. We begin by finding a tweeter we would like to add to the list. Once you find a tweeter, go to their profile page. I will do this, by clicking on the “Following” link on the right of my home timeline. Then clicking on my follower @SteveShadrach, and clicking the “view full profile” link in the right pane. There are several places were you can add tweeters to a list, but I thought this might be a great place to start off. On the profile page, and throughout the Twitter website, you will see this person icon.


Example of Person Icon


This box gives various options for interacting with other tweeters on Twitter. If you click on it, a drop down will appear.


Person Icon Clicked On


Some options include the ability to mention the tweeter in a tweet, add them to a list, block the tweeter, or even report them as spam. For now, we want to add the tweeter to a list. So click “Add to list” in the drop down. A pop up will display with a list of all your current lists. Just check the lists you want to add them to, and you are done. Once your done, click the “X” in the top right to close the dialog.


Add to List Dilog


So go back to your home timeline, and click on the “Lists” link to find the list you added the tweeter to. Click the list, and you should now see their tweets in the list. Here is what my list looks like.


Example Missions List Timeline


Now click on the “View list page” link, and you will now see that you have a 1 next to the “Following” link. You will also see the tweeters tweets in the list timeline. Here is my list page snapshot.


Example Missions List Page


As stated previously, you can add people in multiple places on Twitter. All you need to do is find the person icon associated with the tweeter. Here is a snapshot of another way I added a user to my list.


Another Example of Adding to List


Go ahead and spend some time adding several tweeters to your list. When you are done, I will show you how to follow other’s public lists.

Following Other’s Interests

When you set a list to public, you give tweeters the opportunity to follow lists of the things that you enjoy most. This is a great way to find people with a shared interest. So if you make a list of all your favorite board game creators, you can quickly find others who love board games. What a great way to connect with tweeters that share your similar passions, and possibly find others who can help in your ministry.

So let me show you how to follow a list. To begin, you need to search for a tweeter with a list. I found my friend @christopherguz, and I want to follow his list titled “Film”. So I visited his profile page, and clicked on the “Lists” link.


Chris Guzman's Profile


I found the list I wanted to follow, and clicked on it. This took me to the list’s timeline that looks like this:


Film List Page


Now click on the “Follow this list” button, and you are done. To see that the list was added, visit your home timeline and click on the “Lists” link. Under the heading “Lists you follow”, you will see the new list. Here is what my list drop down looks like.


Example List Drop Down with Film


If you click on the list you follow, then you will be taken to the list timeline.

Lists provide you with powerful tools for organizing your tweets, but also give you an opportunity to connect with people of similar interests. This can be invaluable, as you share your vision and ministry with others. These lists can help you discover potential supporters, volunteers, or staff. They can become a platform for sharing the things you care most about, and rally tweeters to the tweets that matter to you most. Take care, and happy tweeting!

Welcome to Missio Digio's Twitter 101 series. This is our first series of posts developed by Missio Digio. This series is designed to help you discover new ways to use Social Media in your day to day operations, and strengthen your communication with your congregants and/or supporter base. If you have any questions, please submit them under "Got a question?" or, just add a comment below.

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